Command Panel
The command panel opens or closes depending on where and how the mouse moves.

When the command panel is closed, moving the mouse within the red rectangle opens it.

When the command panel is open, the entire panel area becomes mouse sensitive. Exiting the area on the right, or the bottom, closes the panel.

The button “Data” gives access to an
edit panel, giving the opportunity to add, modify or delete a quote data manually.

The button Preferences opens the
preferences panel.

The button
Update triggers a partial quote data update. The program checks, on internet, if new data are available and, if appropriate, download and update the database.

The list of available Actions is the list of stocks in the default

Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 6.42.24 AM

The command panel is a feature targeted at first time users. With time, you might find easier to use context menus, simply hover the stock name to select a new stock, or using the keyboard shortcuts to control the program.

You can remove the control panel using Preferences:
Screen Shot 2012-02-15 at 6.43.29 AM