Stocks market data can be updated through internet download by pressing the update button in the control panel.

The default provider is
Yahoo for new stocks. However, a different provider can be defined for each different stocks with Manage Stocks.

You have the ability to use paid providers to access extra data. At this point, EODData (Platinum account) offers access to commodities, futures and foreign exchanges markets in the US, UK and Canada. It also offers the ability to display intraday graphs (1,5,10,15,30,60 minutes) for US equities. In the future, other paid providers client will be added.

An automatic update is launched when the application opens, looking for any available quotes data.

When the Update button, in the
Control Panel (or the “U” keyboard shortcut), is pressed, the program looks at the most recent quote for each of the stock and, then, download all quotes from the most recent to today, if they are available.

It is possible to download the entire set of data for a given stock by pressing the button Download in the
Edit Data panel. In this case, the program replaces all data, for the selected stock, with data downloaded from Internet.

At last, nuclear option, pressing the Reset Data in the
Edit Data panel, reload all quotes, for all stocks, from internet. This operation lasts approximately 10 seconds per stock. You will not lose any data providing you saved before resetting; all quotes will be reloaded from Internet and everything else (lines, investments,...) will be restored from the last backup.