Flash Message 19 (March 5th, 2013)

The 4.10 version of Mastock has been released.

This version includes quite a number of improvements, some are minor, some are major, but all of them, without exceptions, are your ideas. So, thanks.

Among the improvements:
  • Search Feature for Help
  • User Programmable Buttons, unlimited numbers… for those of you with a zillion inches monitor… :-)
  • Ability to draw Circles and Rectangles on the chart
  • Local free internet provider covering the Australian market
  • Resolved unpleasant program slow down during internet update
  • Resolved a bug with selecting default line color in preferences
  • etc..

Also, the Mastock forum has been completely re-designed, faster, more professional.

Finally, I would like your help. If you experience a crash, please press the “Send to Apple” button. Granted, Apple will not do anything about it… but I will. After a while, those crash reports end up with me and these are very precious information.

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