Keyboard Shortcuts

L            Toggle log or standard scale
F            Open the performance analysis panel to filter stocks
I             Open or Close the candlestick info panel
I           Show or Hide the Cross Hair
D            Switch to Daily quotes (D for the auxiliary window)
W           Switch to Weekly quotes (
W for the auxiliary window)
M           Switch to Monthly quotes (
M for the auxiliary window)
Q           Switch to Quarterly quotes (
Q for the auxiliary window)
Y            Switch to Yearly quotes (
Y for the auxiliary window)
R            Toggle the auxiliary window on and off
B            Toggle Bollinger Bands
S            Toggle Parabolic SAR
S          Toggle ATR Trailing Stop
K            Toggle Ichimoku Clouds
1            Toggle Average 1
2            Toggle Average 2
           Command 1-9 (indicators templates, customizable)
            Option 1 to 9 (on-screen indicators, customizable)
N       Create a new independent chart window
N     Create a new trade journal
S       Open a backup panel
,             Previous Stock
.             Next Stock
          Move toward future
          Move toward past
      Move to most recent
      Move to oldest
            Increase chart density
            Decrease chart density
,         Access the options panel
⇑⌘P     Print the current chart
H           Help
/        Contextual Help
U           Update Quotes Data
C           Switch display to Candlesticks
O          Switch display to OHLC
G          Switch display to a Graphic curve
G         Gann Swing
P           Portfolios Management
A           Stocks Management
E           Edit Data
N           Display News for the current Stock
Tab        Cycle through Lines or Fibos
Tab    Cycle through Lines or Fibos in reverse
Space    Display contextual menus
=           Toggle full screen mode
X           Points and Figures Chart
X         Three-Line Break Chart
V           Renko
V         Kagi
T            Investment Panel
Z           Triggers & Custom Indicators
J            RSS