Code Recognition

Let’s agree on what “coverage” means. First, to do any technical analysis, you need historical data. Secondly, data are owned by the stock exchange companies, they are the ones selling licenses and there are several level of licensing, showing short term, showing historical data, enabling viewers to download history. What we need is the ability to download history. If you cannot manually download historical prices, chances are Mastock won’t be able to it as well.

Nevertheless, here are the links for the internet providers:

Google only covers USA, Canada, UK, China and Hong-Kong Exchanges
MSN only covers USA, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Canada
Trading_ASX covers only Australia
kbd_Japan covers several Japanese exchanges

Note EODData is "modest"; they are actually covering more exchanges than they say. Lisbon, Bombay, Mumbai, for instance, are covered even though they are not listed. They also have an excellent coverage of commodities, futures, funds and FOREX