Mastock Only

This tab is used to add, delete or modify trades. The search field, at the top of the page, can be used to filter the displayed list.

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Quantities can be fractional, to allow for dividend reinvestment.

A note on the exchange rate: When you had a new stock, in a different currency, Mastock retrieves the exchange rates from either the European Central Bank or US Federal Reserve data bank. Usually, these rates are whatever they were at 12pm European or US Eastern time. Rates vary during the days, and your broker might have a commission. As a consequence, the automatic exchange rates are only indicative. When you receive your bank statement, you should enter the real exchange rate.

If the investment is an
Option (Put or Call), check the Option checkbox.

If you trade a stock whose price has been splitted, you need to take into account the split value when entering the “open” trade. In other word, if you had bought 100 stock X for 50 a year ago, and the stock was split 2 to 1 six months ago, you need to enter 200 stocks X for 25. This only affects Open position; if you just enter historical data for positions already open and close, it does not matter.

A simple split calculator is available:

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