Short Name: NotifyResult

Definition: Mandatory final instruction. Define what will be displayed

Usage: notifyResult(object) or notifyResult(object,object) or notifyResult(object,object,object)

  • Signals the program the indicator calculation is over and pass the results to be displayed
  • All parameters have to be arrays of values for indicators, or array of indexes for Triggers
  • Does not return anything

  • You can pass 1 or 2 or 3 arrays to be displayed
  • In the case of Triggers, the first parameters is an array of “Buy” indexes, the second an array of “Sell” indexes.

  • notifyResult(RSI(14)) will display the RSI curve
  • notifyResult(array1,array2,array3) will display three curves with values from array1, array2 and array3
  • 4% enveloppe:
  • exp21 = expAvg(21)
  • exp21Minus = exp21 * 0.96
  • exp21Plus = exp21 * 1.04
  • notifyResult(exp21,exp21Minus,exp21Plus)