Lowest Low

Short Name: lowestLow

Definition: Mobile array of lowest low values over num periods

Usage: lowestLow(num) or lowestLow(array,num)

  • Retrieve the lowest low values over the last num periods.
  • Returns an array of values.
  • The first value in the array, at position 0, is the lowest low for the num previous days, the next one, the lowest of low values for day-1 to day-num-1, and so on...

  • Usual value for period is 20

  • lowestLow(14) is equivalent to lowestLow(low,14)
  • lowestLow(close,20) returns a mobile array with the lowest close values over 20 days
  • Williams %R indicator:
  • lesClose = close
  • lesHighest = highestHigh(14)
  • lesLowest = lowestLow(14)
  • Williams = (lesClose - lesHighest) / (lesHighest - lesLowest) * 100
  • notifyresult(Williams)